Does anyone else have horrible performance issues?

  • 20 November 2020
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I cant even run GTA V on max settings in 1080p@60fps. If I crank it up to 1080 max im lucky if I average 45 and it dips to the 30’s…. Sometimes I seem to get a machine that can boost those numbers a little but thats it. Meanwhile my 1660 TI is significantly better because its not bottlenecked….

Whats the point of advertising 1080 TI’s if they are useless in these devices….


Not to mention I cant run shadow in full screen or else I get a lot of stuttering and lag so im stuck with borders on both sides and the shadow screen’s window bar on the top of the screen.

1 reply

Yeah, I’m about to cancel my shadow actually. I mean it did what I needed to but at this point, my $500 computer can run GTA 5 better than Shadow, which is hella sad. But I mean come on.. I have a 750 in my pc and I can still run everything on high and get a constant 60fps.


I understand not being able to run stuff in 4k, but I mean dang. I have gb/s internet and only choose to use Shadow anymore just because I might stream randomly. Other than that, I don’t really have a need for Shadow. [Im not sure how my pc would handle streaming since Streaming takes a lot of power.