Downgrade from Shadow Ultra to Shadow Boost - forced downgrade!! Unacceptable!!

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Just got an email today stating that my Shadow Ultra account is being downgraded to Shadow Boost account by May 20th, this is unacceptable! I need either Shadow Ultra or Shadow Iifinity or this service is not worth the subscription to!!

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If Shadow Ultra is not avaiable Shadow Infinite would be acceptable, Shadow Boost however is not acceptable!!

I am very upset also, I stayed up all night to get my Infinite and now its being taken away. They could have at least offer 1 month of free service of Boost, But its like a big slap on the face.

Sorry if misspelled anything. I am not a good writer.

On May 20th I will also be downgraded from a Shadow Ultra account to a Shadow Boost account. Shadow Boost fails to supply usable performance for my need. I will gladly pay more to keep my Shadow Ultra account. I purchased many hundreds of dollars worth of software that Shadow Boost will not support. 

They are good at slapping cheeks… plus with the new ‘offer’ *cough* update you’ll be paying 50% more for another slap.  Nothing more.

The only thing that has been boosted is your wallet.