Elden ring not playable


I have taken a shadow subscription especially to play Eldin Ring but it occurs the game is literally not playable, even with low settings and 720p. I read a lot of article about a collaboration between Bandai/Namco and Shadow so I was thinking the game can be played. It is not the case. I am very disappointed and I think I will cancel my subscription.

Am I the only one in this situation ?


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I have played ~30 hours of Elden Ring on 4K via my 2019 16” Macbook Pro without issue. 

What are your computer specs and shadow settings?

Also, define unplayable. Do you play other games without issue? Are you perhaps using Wireless or have high packet loss for any reason?


I play over 5GHz without issue. I live in a house with reasonable distance from neighbors so not something like an apartment or dorm that could have interference issues.

my settings for reference.

As you’re using a resolution below 4k, I’d recommend enabling Antialiasing, potentially also raising texture quality. 

So I check a bit on internet. I followed some advices about some settings (https://www.dexerto.fr/jeux-video/elden-ring-comment-ameliorer-les-performances-sur-pc-1476393/) and now it is much much better. 

Hello to all, 

I'm reopening this topic opened by gstrit because I have the same performance issues on the game. No matter the resolution or the level of detail applied, I struggle to get 30 frames per second stable, and the game regularly falls below that, giving a constant unpleasant feeling of instability.

I am aware of the performance issues of the PC version of the game, however the few tests I have seen on the Youtube show that the GTX 1080 can run Elden Ring at 55/60 FPS at high graphics and 1080p resolution without any problems. 

The different techniques that can be found everywhere to improve the performance didn't give anything, so I turn to you to identify the cause of the problem (CPU drivers? lack of RAM?)

My internet connection is pretty good, I manage to get 60 FPS stable without slowing down on my other games (Control, Assassin's creed, etc.)

Can you get 60 FPS on elden ring stable on your shadow ? 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Same here, just unplayable on Shadow Ultra even in LOW big freez every minute (about 3-5s) have all my driver update and other game like God of War or Dying light 2 run perfectly… FS make big shit !!!!!

I think definition of playable is what needs to be specified here.

On my end, it is not playable, since if you stand still in open areas, then let’s say 34-37 fps. Start moving around, it gets choppy a little bit and can drop at any instance. You wouldn’t know when. This means unplayable, unless you are desperate to just have played it. It’s a waste on such game.

The underlying issue is CPU or maybe RAM speed, bottlenecking. End of story.

As long as you have the 1080GTX, you can raise resolution to 4k and it should do no harm. The GPU can handle, no problem, but you will be stuck in the 30 fps range.

An average lower than 45 fps means unplayable “to many”. I’m thinking of making a decision now. Yes, Shadow is cheap, but at the end, from now on, it is going to struggle with big titles, as the CPU and RAM starts to qualify as ancient.

Follow tips from reddit thread and run in Borderless Windowed instead of Fullscreen

@partounian , thanks for the suggestion and trying to help here.

I’ve already checked into all - they do not help. There is also a video on Youtube with exact performance result that I receive which explains the issue - search “Elden Ring Shadow Performance”. I’m not sure about this partnership news, since it sounds like an Email was sent to them requesting partnership, and one sent back as “Sure”.

1080 GTX is supposed to run the game on solid 60 fps, with 4k resolution, and settings medium-high. Benchmarks with the card available on Youtube again.

There are limitations other than GPU on Shadow. I can see the CPU is struggling while running the game. Not enough thread processing to feed the GPU on time.

I’m also supposing here that you are not getting 60 FPS, as long as you are not on an Infinite VM.

Anyway, the part that bothers is the limitation where you are not allowed to purchase additional CPU cores. GPU, shortage and other limitations, sure, but then allow me to allocate more CPU.

@faelel you are right. CPU is usually a bottleneck with games via Shadow. Noticed this in the Fallout games also. You are correct, I’m not getting a constant 60 FPS, but the game is playable. You have noticed that they are not actually using a 1080 GTX, and have stated “GeForce GTX 1080 Or equivalent”. I’m not sure in what measurement a Quadro P5000, but that is what my 2 machines have been provisioned (pre-wipe & post-wipe machines from this past week). The Quadro series are not only built for a separate purpose, but along with that have separate drivers which have not yet been updated and possibly might not be updated to include the Elden Ring performance improvements.


There is a lot of shit going on in this world, on local and global scales. Even at 45-55 FPS Elden Ring can ease the pain. If you feel that you can’t compensate for lower FPS in this game which has been made with difficulty and an FPS lock in mind, I don’t know what else to suggest.


Best of luck, and keep us posted if you find any solutions or alternatives.

@partounian , I have 1080 GTX (EU).

In the beginning, it was 1080GTX, then they replaced with Quadro, and I followed up with some subscription changes to get back to 1080GTX.

If it was Quadro 5000, I would have blamed that in the first place, but I have legit comparison here :)

Concerning FPS, should it stay ~45 fps, I’m happy, but it does not give me that in open areas. Early game when you leave the building, the area in front is the best for testing. Should I turn and look back to the building, it goes up to even 47, which means it’s the open area with a lot of objects that I think gets the CPU into play.

GPU utilisation also provides more evidence here against CPU. At 1440P, it maxes to 65% with high settings, increasing to 2160p and same high settings makes it reach 98%. And in all cases of 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p, almost same FPS average.

At the end, enjoy the game, and thanks for bearing with me here.

I have put 40+ hours into the game exclusively via Shadow, and have only barely reached Rennala. (3rd boss I believe, she is the boss after Godrick) Just

 to confirm, have you set your Shader Cache to Unlimited via Nvidia Control Panel? Have you compared Fullscreen to Borderless Window? (You wouldn't believe how huge of a difference this made) I'm guessing you also tried to manually update your drivers & settings via GeForce experience?


My guess is to actually provide you with a 1080 GTX, they provide you with a cheaper CPU than with my Quadro build.

Yes, I’ve tried the Nvidia cache thing and those others you mentioned, and went as far as playing around with Flawless Widescreen app and some weird settings, suggested in a Reddit post.

The first boss, in the open area, looking at him from top of the hill, always causes it to drop to 34 fps, and throughout the fight stuttering and dropping further down to 22 fps. This is the case also on 1080p and all graphic settings set to low/off.

I remember reading a Shadow post few months ago concerning CPU, where it explained two CPU types one can get. I had it checked back then, and mine was the weaker. Yours could be the higher end and probably the ones matched with a Quadro as you mentioned.

Finished Sekiro a few weeks ago, and that ran flawlessly 4k/high. I think part of it as Sekiro did not require so many object/lightning processing.

My game is REALLY not playable, like i said, i’ve a shadow ULTRA (Quadro RTX 5000 / Xeon W-3235 CPU) and the game freez for 3 at 5sec every minute.If only i could play with that 30fps like previous coms says i would be happy. 

Why i see other running the game and mine dont ? :/

@Weadspops , if you have updated your Nvidia driver, and tried other tweaks, then magic is the cause.

You are supposed to get 30 FPS, even on Shadow boost, with the latest driver. I’m emphasising latest driver as many on Reddit used to get avg 15 FPS and post-driver-update that changed to 60 FPS (non shadow machines). 

What we discussed above concerned the ability of obtaining a solid average FPS of above ~40 without stuttering regardless of graphic settings, which either is a CPU bottleneck/RAM speed or the game is so badly optimised to behave distinct under slightest of hardware differences.


Hi all,

Same here. I am a shadow boost user and I can’t get more than 30 solid fps (if I am lucky).

Drivers are updated, and I used all tricks I read.

Btw, I can’t use any other resolution (aspect ratio) other than 16:9 (I am on Mac so I would be ideal to use 16:10 aspect ratio). No matters what resolution use, black borders always are there.

My conclusions are that game is a bad port (bad optimization) for pc.