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  • 23 April 2021
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I decided to try out some EA play games via my Gamepass subscription. Unfortunately when I went to install Madden 21 it required EA Desktop when I got that set up it won't download any games. The word download is present but it's not click able.

I'm trying to figure out if this is an issue with Shadow or a fluke with my initial installation. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting, and even running the program as admin.

Anyone else try EA play (via EA Desktop) on Shadow?  How did it go?

3 replies

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Hi @Dane62 

You may have a legacy shadow install that is not formated in 4k. If you are open to resetting your shadow you can do so from the account page which will then format your shadow to the 4k sector size for gamepass games. Please note that it will delete all your stuff when it resets -Gelgoog

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If you haven’t reset your Shadow for over 5 months or cannot install games from the Windows Store either (gamepass games) then  Gelgoogs solution is the fix. (I doubt since youll get a alpha numerical error)

if you can install gamepass games (sans ea play) then it is a known issue with gamepass. 

Should the ea beta desktop app (login directly to ea app) ask you to subscribe then its a linking issue between gamepass/ea account.  Contact ea play support for fixing. 

should the ea app show that you are subscribed and the the download button is not reacting then follow this guide:


you can also contact gamepass support/ea play support via char and they will walk you through

Thanks for the help. It worked fine the next day so I think this was an EA Desktop issue.