Fallout 4 crashing at the bridge trying to get to the vault

  • 26 November 2021
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I've been having a blast playing all my games in my Steam's and Epic Games' library, I've had no issue with most games I've played, sometime ago I posted about the Rockstar launcher not working but that was rockstar's own stupidity, not too long after that happened, I tried to play Fallout 4, I think it was the GOTY version on sale in which they have all the dlcs and stuff, anyways I downloaded and installed the game and ran it, there was this issue where the game was moving too fast, I fixed that no problem using YouTube, then I met another issue, It's always at that stupid bridge when my game crashes, I tried almost every solution that worked for other people online, I even tried things in game, someone told me to use the tcl command and fly over the crash zone, he assumed there was a bug at the bridge so he told me to try flying over the bridge, see if that works but I still crashed (maybe I wasn't high enough, but I was pretty high though). I don't know what to do, I've never played any of Fallout 4's dlcs and I was excited to give them a chance, if someone knows how to fix this, It'll be greatly appreciated.

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