Flight Simulator using Logitech Joystick, USB is enabled, unable to detect?

  • 19 September 2020
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I’m unable to the MSFS2020 to detect my Logitech Force 3D Pro, running a Win10 system on a great machine, but on the Shadow install, it does not detect the joystick. I do have the settings in the Launcher set to send through the USB devices, and it did load drivers when turned on. Have no clue how to proceed further. Thanks?

7 replies

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When you select the device in the USB menu does it pass through? Are you able to see it in windows?

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What is your Ping? I have the same problem with my Corsair keyboard and mouse, turns out it’s down to my ping hovering around the 35ms mark. 

Different piece of equipment (Thrustmaster T.16000M)  but in order to work am using VirtualHere for MSFS to detect the joystick. When Shadow detects the equipment, it thinks it’s an Xbox type controller but works fine if I activate VirtualHere first before starting the Flight Simulator program.  

@ds10707 thanks for the info. I have the same issue. ticking the usb feedthrough on the shadow client won´t do the job. Can you share more details on the virtual here and how it works for you ?


I tried to implement a logitech extreme 3d pro

Thanks a lot in advance !



Hi all,  Here is my discovery, maybe it will help some of you :)

If you own an old joystick or unrecognized USB peripheral for gaming, maybe this solution will help


Whats needed :

Hamachi (
VirtualHere Server :
VirtuelHere Client :


Everything is working fine with the free versions of these softwares


Step by step procedure

On Local PC 

Launch the joystick driver in order to make it work on local pc
When recognized, launch Hamachi

On Shadow :
Launch Hamachi

Create a connection between the 2 hamachis

On local PC 
Launch VirtualHere server

On shadow 
Launch VirtualHere client

-> All USB devices should appear in virtualhere client on shadow
Select the joystick

And Voilaaa


Enjoy !

Tommy thank you so much :) it helps a lot


It was still working perfectly 3 weeks ago, until the VPN connection was no longer possible...