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  • 27 May 2020
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Hello People!

First of all, Congratz on getting a dedicated Forum! Great new tool (besides discord for example) to engage with Shadow customers and staff.

Wanted to get some feedback on People who currently have Shadow Boost and play COD Modern Warfare, specifically Warzone:

  • What are your settings ?
  • How much FPS do you have?

On my side, I have pretty much every setting on Low and can only hit 70-ish fps on average, can go up to 80 fps (that’s like very occasionally) with frequent drops to 50-60.


Would love to have your feedbacks! And if anyone’s got some tips to boost performance while I wait for the Infinite/ultra to roll out.



Stay safe ut there!


7 replies

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Great idea definitely ! 
And thanks for the post @alienbob 

I have the same experience regarding FPS. The best is likely around 70ish but I capped it to 60FPS since I have a 60Hz monitor. I sometimes hit the 60Fps but often it's more around 40-50 or even 30 sometimes. 

Right now I am using “Normal” settings. I didn't feel really that the settings were having an impact on the FPS that much. I am surprised it doesn't perform better but also I have to say Warzone was horribly buggy for me on my desktop before shadow so who knows how this was developed. 

On top of that, I have another issue : I never felt the game was smooth. I always feel it's a big laggy with no clear explanation. Shadow latency is around 15-20 ms. Server lag is around 30-40ms usually.  My speed tests are around 100Mb. I don't feel like reducing the bandwith to 10Mbs works better and let's not talk about 5Mbs cause the game is horrible played with this setting. 


Same here, I capped it at 60 FPS and still get drops to 40-50 frequently… Changing the settings from low to normals and back didn’t do shit either :/  Honestly this just doesn’t encourage me to get a 144 Hz or 240 Hz monitor and still continue using shadow, Currently looking around building a rig and then see how the Shadow Infinite fares. Dunno what to think honestly… Pains me to think I might need a rig to really enjoy gaming bcz even a 50 Eur sub won’t be enough.

Regarding bandwidth, my speed tests are around 300 Mb/s download / 150 Mb/s upload (soon to have 1 Gb/s down & up with a Shadow Ghost and  8Gb/s if I build a custom rig).

Latency Home-Shadow is around 10 I believe, I might need to recheck again later. Shadow-Game latency varies between 30 (European servers) and 120 (US east coast). The game feels a bit laggy still but I believe the issue is not from the servers but from Shadow, to me it feels more like clunkiness if you look very closely and stems from the shadow not running the game smoothly combined with a poor fps & refresh rate. Lowering the bandwidth in my opinion won’t change anything, if your connection handles the 50-60 Mb setting then leave it there.

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I have heard some people have had some success by using the fast track quadro drivers. Unfortunately only so much can be done on new game releases due to the release day “game ready” drivers not being available for quadro gpus. 

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For what it’s worth I finally got a decent experience yesterday. 
Regarding FPS I read someone’s post regarding their ok experience following icemanisaac settings  (video below) and did exactly what he does. I got 70+ and for a while no lag. It was like my operator  finally ran. 

Now at some point I got some lag but it was the latency and I can easily put this on my connection, I was in WiFi 5G but with Verizon basic gateway. I’ll try again today. 






Try disabling Nvidia Reflex in the graphics settings. With the setting on, I was averaging about 55-60, with drops to 30 and peaks of 70 no matter what settings I used, pretty much the same as you. With Nvidia Reflex disabled I average around 65-70 now and its much more stable. It still drops below 60 but it doesn't feel choppy when it does which is a huge improvement.

Also, I tried everything else suggested here and elsewhere and nothing improved the performance except this for me. Hope it works for other Shadow users too.

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Beta or Live Shadow

Data Centers?


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I did this.

Fresh Install.

If you pause Pre-Shader download and go in-game, it warns there are performance issues