Game tearing with Ghost, but not through old PC. How can I solve?

  • 9 July 2020
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I have just tried moving to the shadow ghost, and everything seemed fine until I tried gaming.

When I play fortnite using the ghost, I get brief tearing every time I move. When I don’t move the character, I get a perfect picture. I tried changing all the settings, but nothing stopped the tearing.

I reconnected my old PC, and tried fortnite through my shadow account and on my old imac and it works perfectly. It’s only when I use the ghost I get tearing.

Does anyone have any ideas what I might be able to change to fix it? The Ghost won’t be usable if I can’t solve it. 



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3 replies

Hi Sioioos, if you’re still experiencing this issue, can you try using the Beta launcher on your Shadow Ghost?  You should be able to change the launcher version on the start-up screen.

Hi, I solved it by turning in the H.265 encoding option, which it strange, because my old iMac uses H.264 and I received no latency issues with this, but I did with the Ghost.; both with identical ping rates. I’ve sequentially sold my Ghost and got back to my old method.

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On a side note, good luck taking walls on shadow :flushed: the ping combined is like 30.


anyway glad to hear you solved it.