Heavy lags and judders in games in spite of good FPS

  • 18 March 2023
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Hey hey, 

Up front: I have 1000mbit Internet coming in very steadily - so this is not an issue. 


I face a weird problem for the entire time of me using shadow, which is more than a year now. Today I started Red Dead Redemption 2 and since there are lots of optimization possibilities in the graphics, I played around for a while to find perfect settings. By doing this, I think I finally observed the pattern of the problem.


Here are my observations: 

  1. The resolution and framerate in RDR2 seems to lock the graphic settings in the quick menu of shadow. If I go for 60fps on 1920x1080 in RDR2 this will also create the exact same settings in the quick menu. Why is this the case? And is it the same for everyone or do I encounter a bug here?
  1. In many games which are demanding for the hardware, I experienced the issue, that the streaming rates (FPS in the quick menu) must be consideribly lower than the FPS in the actual game (shown by Geforce Experience) to have a gaming experience without any judders or lags. To make an example:

    The hardware gives me 57 FPS on RDR2 - Shadow is set to stream in 60FPS = A heavy judder and lag almost every second or more - absolutely impossible to play with this (… just because 3 frames are missing? 57 FPS is ok but the stream cannot handle a difference of 3 frames … ?)

    The hardware gives me 57 FPS on RDR2 - Shadow is set to stream in 30FPS = absolutely fine. no jutters or lags. (yet I am loosing 27 FPS along the way ….)


Anyone experiencing the same behaviour? 

Would be happy to get some references and experiences from your side! 


Very best,

3 replies

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Sorry to hear about the latency you have experienced. I'd love to see what we can do for you during your time with us.


I recommend following the tips we've provided in this help center article to see if that helps with your lag issue:


If you continue to experience this, we ask that you please get in touch with our Support Team from your account page so they can look into this further and provide tips.

Hey Jonathan, 

I appreciate your effort - yet I know the content of the link by heart and Support Team has adressed the issue 2 times already. It happened in several instances - not only RDR2 - and my internet is flawless by now. Its not a latency issue.

It is a software issue on the stream concerning FPS harmonization which seems to be too much for customer support. 

Thanks anyways!


I agree with what you're saying, in the Shadow system the RTX 4500 card uses a part of its power, about 40% if you let it stream 4k. I have a constant 940 mbit connection with 16 ms with the Strasbourg server, but nothing to do, continuous lag even without running any program. The problem is of a technical nature that the technical team will never be able to solve because the video encoding should be done externally by the system and not internally so as not to affect performance. For example, Booststeroid and I think GeForce Now also do this. After 3 months of trial I canceled the Power subscription because it was too expensive and not very efficient.