How do I wirelessly connect my Xbox controller to a laptop with no bluetooth capability?

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Laptop doesn’t have native bluetooth so I’ve been using a bluetooth adapter. It recognizes my xbox one controller, but Shadow will not pick up on it -- it wont appear on the xbox accessories app, inputmapper, etc. Tried a wired connection and went nowhere (although it could be a faulty USB cable). 


My DS4 works fine on mostly all games I’ve played outside of Skyrim.


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Using a BT adapter should be you see the controller listed in the Quick Menu, like so:


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You can also look under Control Panel → Devices and Printers → Set up USB game controllers, and then see an “XBOX 360 for Windows” there. You can then click the Properties button to test the controls.

I don’t believe Xbox One controllers are seen as the “native” device in the Shadow VM, so the Xbox Accessories app doesn’t pick it up.