How to turn on DLSS on no mans sky?

  • 25 July 2021
  • 2 replies

Just found out that No Mans Sky does support ray tracing/DLSS but for some reason I cant seem to find it in the graphics options. I’m currently subscribed to Shadow Boost in the NY server. Any advice?

2 replies

I don’t think these PCs support ray tracing or DLSS. I get like 3 FPS in Control if I turn RTX on, and DLSS isn’t even an option.

I wanted to replace a gaming PC from 2019 with Shadow that runs Control with 10 FPS, I didn’t expect that for 400% of the price of a Stadia (which runs it at 60 FPS) I’d get 5% of the performance… 

Am I missing something? What do you guys use your Shadow for, playing non-RTX games, rendering videos, bitcoin mining?

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Shadow boost only has a gtx 1080 which means diss is not supported unfortunately an rtx graphics would support it tho.