I got Shadow for Star Citizen, can any one give me testimony or advise while I wait for November

  • 27 June 2021
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As the topic title says I am waiting for a big enough war chest to get a respectable gaming rig since my PS4 recently passed away. I played Elite Dangerous almost exclusively on PS and have had my eyes on SC for some years. Im looking to get some info on what to expect with Shadow and what your experiences are. Thanks

5 replies

Not to hijack this thread but i have the exact same question. Also happen to have ordered Shadow for Star Citizen 2 days ago.


Hey guys I ran into the same problems and (maybe) doubts.


But the wait is definitelly worth it. It al comes down to the stability of your internet connection. I recommend using a wired connection for sure. I have never experienced lag or input delay.


Games work perfectelly on max or high settings (at 1080p). Of course there are some exceptions where you have to tune down the settings a little bit. I've played games like Red Dead redemption 2, Cyberpunk and Resident Evil Village without ever noticing that I'm playing on a shadow pc.


hope that helped guys!

Back when I had shadow boost I was able to run SC around 25-45 frames. It was playable and enjoyable though. My experience was so much better with shadow ultra but they’ve gotten rid of it so I ended my subscription. I know this post is old but just thought I would help out and give my experience with star citizen on shadow

I just tried today on patch 3.13.1 and got just under 20 fps at a port above a planet and almost 35 fps in an enclosed ship in the middle of space. 12gb ram is pretty tight for SC and textures/assets took a moment to fully load in sometimes (e.g. switching armor). SC also often shows a warning about ram usage when launching it.

It was “playable” in the sense I could reasonably be able to go where I want to go, check out the sights, and transportation without problems. You could probably fly cargo or do box missions, but I’d stay away from combat and even mining might be a bit iffy with less stable rocks.

I also know there is a lot of variance depending on what is happening in the server, so YMMV.


Yes you can play Star Citizen with ShadowPC.

This game was, and still are, the sole reason for me to subscribe to this service, and have been here since 22 December 2018.

I use this service with a MacBook Pro, and wired network. I even got joystick to work, with USB port forwarding. When it works, no challenges with those drivers, (read below), it's Fantastic! Again, what can I do to fix that driver issues?

But Shadow are using a third-part vendor for this, and that is a problem. Those drivers have a challenge with macOSX, and my experience shows that this vendor are not following up their task in getting those updated. And it may take unbelievable long time, if at all this are done.

I run the game on 1440p, with a good internet connection, and I think High, to ultra high graphic setting. No issues to write a complain about. Wired mouse are needed. 

If you did not know, GameGlass, https://gameglass.gg, works also! That surprised me, big time.