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  • 18 February 2021
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Hello there,

I was literally counting the days to get my shadow activation and now after month of waiting it's finally here. When I received the mail, I straight away started shadow on my mobile (galaxy s10) downloaded steam, downloaded witcher III. the game everyone told me to play. Looked amazing on the phone, everything well but I didn't want to spoil the game rather than playing it at home on my old laptop hooked on to my projector.

So all that wasn't important, here to the problematic part: if I understand right, shadow is adjusting the screen resolution to the devices it's being used on. The resolution on my old laptop is something like 1330x788. This is fine and everything works until I started the in the start menu I can only see like a cut out from the actual screen. Like if you take the laptop resolution of 1330x788 on the game resolution of, I guess,  1920x 1080 without adjusting it.

Sorry, my English is a bit limited, I hope.someone understands what my problem is.


Thanks heaps 



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One thing to try, is connecting from your phone again, and then setting the resolution inside the game to a lower 720 setting, and then exit the game. Then, disconnect from Shadow and try again from the laptop.


Omg, I'm so incredibly dumb...thanks heaps, of course that did the trick. Only weird thing is, that I always have to change the ingame graphics resolution to whatever device I'm using. I thought this would happen automatically. 

Anyway, thanks for the quick help. Now I have to learn how to adjust the graphics so that the game won't lag.