Is competitive games usable with ShadowTech?(Rainbow Six Siege Ranked,Overwatch Competitive, etc)

I used an omen laptop and put over 500 hours into siege on it but was mainly a copper 4 so my opinion would not be 100 percent as trustworthy. I am currently bronze and that was using ShadowTech. To me those small  moments of the ping advantage aren't noticeable. If there is then it is very minor. Then again im a copper or bronze. I want to know the opinions of others of when they noticed something"off". Doesn't have to be siege but csgo or overwatch too. I think this can bring more customers and a more people to play with.

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I’ve played a bit of overwatch on shadow (be careful it’s against Blizzard ToS) and i found it pretty smooth.  I usually play support/moira, and found the reaction times not to be too bad.  I could land sleep darts with Ana at a distance, so adapting to the environment is within reason for some competitive play.

I’ve been trying to assess this question as well.  I’m a fan of Overwatch on my PS4, so I thought I would give it a shot on my shadow and picked it up on the PC as well.

My average server ping on my PS4 in Overwatch is 49ms. No matter what, that’s about where I settle.

My ping from my PC to my shadow is 19ms consistently (Oregon to California, 1GB Fiber).

The ping I see in Overwatch on my Shadow is 20ms.

Does this mean that I’m technically reducing my ping by ~10ms by using the shadow PC vs PS4?


I know - I’m talking completely different networks PC vs PSN but at the end of the day, ping rate is ping rate, right?

That said - gameplay is amazing, and I’ve been having a blast getting back into PC gaming for a fraction of the cost - and on many devices, for many different uses (including VR).

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I haven't had an issue. I suck just as much as I always do! Why do I even play online. 🤔


I have been playing Overwatch Competitive fine on Shadow for almost a year with almost no issues.


Generally most games run pretty well.  The exceptions are

1) The software they use causes issues EXAMPLE: Valorent
2) The network in the area of either you or Shadow drop or Shadow is having issues internally as I’ve had all 3 happen to me.
3) You are terrible at the game, Shadow can’t fix that, practice or going to play something else can. :grin:

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The short answer is the closer to your shadow you live, the lower your ping. Some people have under 15ms. You just have to test and see what you think. I think it works well.