Issues with Doom Eternal Video Display

  • 27 October 2022
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I recently reinstalled Doom Eternal, seeing as I had recently subscribed to the Power Upgrade (which is amazing btw), and I figured I’d take it for a spin. I could not get this game running on the previous P5000 graphics card and figured that it might be that Eternal was simply too demanding for that graphics card (an assumption which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because it runs just fine on the Steam Deck, but bear with me).

Now that I have a far better graphics card (RTX A4500), there should be no reason for this game to still not run...and yet, it doesn’t. The only explanation is that something in the API rendering pipeline is getting stuck (hopefully something in software)--a theory supported by the fact that MSI Afterburner shows the game is running properly, right up to the point where it starts to load into the game itself (the loading screen works just fine), and then it completely stalls while the audio continues to play. The audio cues for mouse and keyboard input work just fine, so the only problem is the video is not being rendered.

I cracked open Event Viewer to see if I get any problem areas: 
1. (ShadowStreamer::Engines::Video::Encoding::Nvidia::NvEncoder_v11_1::Encode_:605) (codec=video_#0_#0:0-493888136) Frame data is not valid
2. Dxgi (ShadowStreamer::Engines::Video::Acquisition::DxgiAcquisition::AcquireNextFrame:279) (acquisition 0:0) cannot acquire next frame failed with reason 0x887a0026: The keyed mutex was abandoned.
3. GradAndEncode (ShadowStreamer::Engines::Video::Streamer::AStreamer::StreamingLoop_:363) (streamer=video_#0:0-0) Dxgi access lost, resetting DXGI duplication

I found this post on GitHub for a screen recorder (the irony), which ultimately leads to this documentation. If I understand the posters and these error messages correctly, at some point in the rendering, the screen capture device (ShadowStreamer) runs into an issue where it cannot properly instantiate the output and tries to reinitialize the process, but it lacks sufficient privileges and stalls. This occurs, without fail, every single time I launch the title. I doubt the graphics card was misconfigured at the hardware level, otherwise everything else would have similar issues, so it must have to do with Doom Eternal being a Vulkan-only game and my vulkan subsystem is not properly configured--which could explain why it refuses to run even in windowed mode, using the “-windowed” Steam launch option. Regardless, this is the only game in my library that has this problem.

Does/did anyone else have this issue and what was the solution?

1 reply

i have the same problem