Local GTA Online machine cripples Shadow on another device.

  • 8 November 2020
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Good day all, 

I have a peculiar situation and wondered if anyone else has experienced it or know of a resolution. 

I have a local pc that plays GTA5. On my Shadow, (through a nvidia Shield) my wife has GTA5 too.

I stream my pc to a laptop using Moonlight. 

We can both play the solo game with no issues, however, as soon as I go to GTA Online, the Shadow becomes completely unplayable with massive stuttering. Even when I kill the game on my local pc, the Shadow still doesn't recover and will 'pause' every couple of seconds. 

Shield, local desktop and laptop are all on 5ghz WiFi and close enough to the router that the pc will pickup 200meg.

The WiFi on the local PC is a 5ghz dongle plugged into a USB 3.0 port. 

Any thoughts?






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Troubleshooting won’t be meaningful until you’ve tested the scenario with all devices connected via Ethernet, even if just temporarily. You need to determine if the problem only exists with WiFi or not.


Aye, thought about that but a logistical nightmare. Will give it a try when wife is back at work, the kids at nursery and I've got a midweek day off! 🤣 


Just thought I'd put it out there as I've never seen anything like this in my years of IT/gaming/nerding! 🤣 


I'll keep you posted. 


I found out the problem. My router had UPnP enabled and GameStream had an entry assigned to my local PC. Turned it off and et voila. Problems gone.