logitech steering wheel

  • 17 August 2020
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I have just bought a Logitech steering wheel and set it up on my laptop in G Hub.

i have enabled USB devices on my shadow PC but when I try and play project cars 2 I get no response.

What am I doing wrong?




4 replies

Im having similar issue. I forwarded but not getting a response back about being connected. Any update on your issue yet?

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It really helps to invest on an ethernet cable, I’d say my recommended internet speed would be at least 40 Mpbs, I have an upload speed of 20 Mpbs and I hardly have any issues.

Anybody have some news about this problem?

I have the same problem my steering wheels is not recognized in games in shadow (work fine on my local PC).

Any help from shadow tech could be nice….. I take shadow for playing simulation games and it’s impossible...


More complicated USB peripherals like gaming hardware may not work with Shadows USB forwarding. I had this issue with devices I use for flight simulation. Had to invest in to get them working.