• 13 December 2021
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Hi All,

To check the game out before the global launch, i installed the Ru version on shadow but after 2 min i get disconnected everytime with the message - connection termination.

I play on Shadow tech, with exit lag and i haven’t installed the lao translation. I tried formatting the shadow drive just in case but it didn’t work.

I tried to troubleshout for a day and all the fixes mentionned on reddit but nothing works.

People on reddit mentionned someone using Shadow managed to fix the issue.

Any idea how to do it?


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2 replies


I’m having the same problem. shame, i was really looking forwards to Lost ark.

It's to do with the Russian games anti-cheat software, it thinks that shadow (being a VM) is some kind cheat software or mal-ware or something.

If the eu/uk version has the same anti-cheat theng i guess it won’t work:(


just noticed your post is from a month ago, did you find a solution?