Mafia 2 and III issues

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So anyway after playing the COD Definitive edition (which was great as my old PC would not play it past the (controversial) airport scene (always crashed) :rolling_eyes:  but at least I was able to finish  it this time :)

I then decided to try the re-released Mafia games. 

Mafia 2 installed and played right up to the prison boxing scene where on the last part of that “mission” promptly kicked me out to the desktop. I seem to remember that happening before but cannot remember if there was a fix or not. Anyway loaded in Mafia III and get the screenshot attached

- which is odd as my last PC would and did play the game perfectly well - I am due to upgrade to the Ultra “at the end of the summer” according to my order notes so not overly worried, just wondering did anyone else get that or is it just a glitch?   

My other games I play Hitman 2 and GTA V all run great :sunglasses:

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