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  • 19 December 2020
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My mouse will randomly disappear from the screen. I use my shadow for gaming and I've had this issue happen in every game I have tried. The mouse appears to still be there as I can move it around and see it highlighting things. The only way I have found to get the mouse cursor back is using the windows shortcut for the shadow overlay. When I toggle that, the mouse comes back for awhile but then disappears after some play time. Anyone have any ideas?

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5 replies

Same happens to me, quite annoying. I am using the Windows client. The only workaround for is using Win+Alt+F to temporarily change to windowed mode and back. Just come from a reset of the VM, issue is still there. 

Any permanent solution would be highly appreciated.

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It happens to me when I hit my Touchscreen, every time.

Because it is a Window, the Mouse is LITERALLY in-between the machines 😁

Win+Alt+O, and click outside the box.

If this is happening on a Regular Screen, possible mouse drivers being dropped during the Session?

But I'm gonna say Support Ticket if it's really bad.

I have a 2-in-1, Win10 Mode, and I'm constantly hitting my screen.


This also happens to me, I’ve been fixing it by hitting win+alt+M once. Still would like to see a fix to this if possible because it can happen at very annoying times. Seems to happen both when typing and when using the mouse. 

I have the same issue and found this thread: 

Maybe this works for you (I didn’t tried yet)?

Try switching between UDP and TCP in your shadow launcher settings (That are the options “Prefer reliability” and “Prefer speed”. For most people that solved the issue..


I can’t access any of my games the only thing I can click is my shadow button