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  • 15 May 2021
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I’ve been using Shadow for about a week now, mainly to play FS 2020. I’m using the Boost tier since that’s the only one available now. 

However, I haven’t experienced the FPS which you can see in several benchmarks on youtube.

I’ve tried tweaking the game in several ways, but nothing really works and I hardly get over 30 fps in a rural area and only about 25 fps with drops in a city or at landing in cockpit view. And this is at low or medium settings (doesn’t make much difference)

This makes landing the plane much harder since it skips a lot of frames.

I’ve taken a screenshot of the cpu and gpu load and they never go over 40%. I know the game is very cpu intensive, but how come it only uses 40 percent of the cpu?

Also read that a possible upgrade in the future to ultra or infinite doesn’t help much either. 

Any thoughts or ideas on this topic, since I’m really out of options here. 




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Have you had a look at this thread?


Have you had a look at this thread?


I did read this topic before and there are some interesting arguments like the shared cpu’s. Might this be reason that the cpu load is only at around 40% because we have to share it? 

Not really fair if that’s the case, since it is not advertised as such. I understand other action games like shooters or not that heavily reliable on the cpu, but a flight sim is very tough on the cpu.

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AFAIK, the CPU utilization is not being limited by the hypervisor (host computer) Shadow is using, so I’d suspect that the 40% is all the application/OS is “asking” for.

Note the load is spread across eight logical (virtual) processors, and different applications will leverage threads against those in different ways. Some applications like faster clocks on a single thread, vs. able to leverage multiple. I would bet that if we were to run something that would consume those threads to the fullest (such as transcoding video in Handbrake, as an example), we could max it out. Not that folks should be using their Shadow computers for transcoding video, mind you...I’m just suggesting a short test would be informative on utilization.

In terms of the CPU sharing, each server chassis will host two (or possibly three) sessions. If you watch the Linus Tech Tips Shadow Server YouTube video, you’ll get an idea, and also see that the chassis is capable of housing [up to] three GPUs. I don’t know, though, if Blade “started” things out with three, and later changed to two GPUs/sessions per chassis. From your screenshot, it appears you’re on one of the original platforms, with a real GTX 1080 GPU and the Intel Xeon E5-2678V3 looks like the hypervisor is giving you a third of that (8 threads out of 24). The CPU sharing is not a bad thing by itself, as long as things are sized/scaled properly.

I don’t play simulators, and don’t have I haven’t paid attention to others posting information about the CPU utilization they are achieving within Shadow for it. Have you seen posts suggesting that their utilization is higher?

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I was curious...can def max out the CPU utilization with Handbrake:


Thanks for the further explanation. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.