New to Shadow, Having the worst time setting up VR with virtual Desktop

  • 3 August 2021
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New to shadow and not a computer person, I know the basics, I’m trying to set up a good VR set up with my oculus quest and I’m struggling, it’s painfully laggy I can see black lines / wall to my left and right when I turn and it’s unplayable, I had one perfect experience no lag no black lines one evening and won’t go back to that. Oculus Link and Air Link won’t recognise my headset from PC and asks to match networks which I can’t do and have spent hours trying to set it up watching YouTube videos and now have given up and need help. The only reason I got shadow is to do PCVR and I’m unable to. 

I have 70mb broadband at home normally and 950mb on shadow and it has 5Gz enabled. 

is it because I can’t match networks? 

2 replies

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Hi @freshjim 

Shadow has a dedicated VR app in ALPHA and to set it up you will need to use the directions in the forum’s. As it is its own app it would not use AIR Link. -Gelgoog 


I'd try the virtual desktop method as well, I think most people usually have the best results with that. There's a guide somewhere on the forum here for it. Setting low latency mode to Ultra from the Nvidia control panel on your shadow can also help with latency.