Performance Issues Since Upgrade

  • 8 January 2021
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So I went ahead and upgraded to the Shadow Ultra as soon as it was available and it worked great for about a week before starting to stutter any time the GPU was being used by a system process, especially playing games and became unbearable.

This has been going on since December 20th and the only response is that Shadow knows it's an issue but has no update as of yet.

I did inquire about some sort of rebate due to not being able to use the service and was told that they are discussing it internally.

Of course I understand that these things can happen when a service is in high demand, especially around the time of a big update however I strongly feel that there should be no discussion that customers affected by this should not be charged for the time that the service was in an unusable state and that they should not have to pay full price until the service returns to normal and Turbo Boost is re-enabled as it does make a huge difference in the performance of the already CPU limited hardware.

I'm simply asking that Shadow goes ahead and gets an official statement out on how the people affected by this are going to be compensated now that this has persisted through a billing cycle.

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