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  • 10 November 2020
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Hi there!


I am from the UK and am currently waiting to be set up.

I thought i would do the the speed test requirements on the Shadow website and saw my Ping averages out at 34ms!! (it says Max 30ms) (i have a 400mb Virgin Fibre line)

Is this a huge problem?

I am currently trying to test it through a wireless 5g Router so you think i could claw those precious MS's back by going wired? Or is 4ms out of the recommended ping nothing to worrie about?

Please Advise! :)


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You can shave off some latency by using Ethernet, yes.

If you primarily play single-player games, the ~35ms of latency will likely be just fine. If you play competitive shooters, then it could be an issue...latency sensitivity really varies on the person.