Playing Genshin Impact on Shadow Tutorial

  • 4 October 2020
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Hello everyone, today I propose a small solution to play Genshin Impact on Shadow.


To do this you will need:

-An Android phone

-The Octopus app on your phone

-The ApowerMirror app on your phone and pc

-A USB cable to connect your phone to your pc

-An xbox one controller

-Turn on developer mode on your phone

and of course Genshin Impact on your phone :)


Step 1 :

Download all the apps

Genshin Impact on smartphone

ApowerMirror BOTH on pc and smartphone,

Octopus on smartphone.


Step 2 :

Put your phone in developer mode and enable usb debugging mode


To do this you need to, Go to Android device settings, go into system settings, go to "About the phone", tap 7 times "build number" and then the options for developers appear in system settings.*


*Screenshots are there for information and may vary depending on the brand of your phone


Step 3 :

Set up your xbox one controller with Octopus


I'm sending you back to a tutorial (not mine) for that.


Step 4 :

Setting up the ApowerMirror app*


It's simple, just open the app on your pc and phone and then on the two open apps to go to the tab titled "usb" and then plug your phone by USB to your Shadow Ghost or your physical pc.

*to remove the watermark from ApppowerMirror you have to buy a license


Step 5 :

Just play :)


Now you can launch Genshin Impact via the Octopus app and play on Shadow.


Final step :

Thank you


I know this may not be ideal but it is while waiting for a better solution, if you have ideas to maybe better optimize this tutorial or how to play it feel free to share it and sorry for my English, I'm French lol. Good game to all !

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2 replies


Umm, I’m not sure the purpose of this? I suppose if the only device you have access to is a Ghost, this is necessary, but aren’t you just mirroring your phone’s display on your PC? If so, wouldn’t it be preferable to just use your PC for the mirroring instead of adding additional data and latency to send the mirror to Shadow?


Personally I only have a Ghost so I can only send the image of my phone to this one, but yes we can do it very well from your own pc, as for the latency it is almost zero. It's a solution for those who only have the Shadow Ghost or those who only have an old pc or entry-level.