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  • 6 October 2021
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I was having a heck of a time avoiding crashes while trying to play New World, and after days of tweaking, testing, and trial & error I think I found a solution and wanted to share it in case anyone else is having issues. (Here’s my reddit thread that goes into granular detail on the whole process).

I’m currently able to play New World on High settings at 1080p, 60fps with no crashes. Here are the things I did that seemed to help:

I could never get the game to get past loading while set to “Very High” but I am able to set the “Video Quality” to High and then manually increase every setting to “Very High” except Terrain Detail and Texture Detail. If I leave those at High, the game runs great. Except I was crashing every time I got close to Everfall, I assume due to high player population. So I just stayed away. This was the solution I had before the following two tweaks that solved everything:

During the loading screen after a long queue, New World would crash to desktop after the 3nd “Loading” image (the all black one), and I noticed a sudden increase to 99FPS at that moment via the Steam FPS display, despite limiting the game to 60 and even 30 fps with the in-game settings. So, using the NVIDIA Control Panel I did a manual 60fps limit on both the New World.exe file and globally. This fixed that issue and I haven’t seen a crash during loading since.

I also increased my Shadow’s Windows Virtual Memory from 2048-4096 MB (where I had manually set it to save space on the SSD) to 7168-12288 MB. I notice the pagefile is routinely between 9 and 11GB while New World is running, so that must’ve been a big part of the issue.

I did also update the graphics driver manually, which Shadow does not recommend -- though that was the first thing I tried and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the problem at this point.

I have not tested trying to go back to have everything on “Very High” yet because after a couple days of all this crashing and queuing (the wait times are much better now), I really just wanted to play the game, which I absolutely love. I’ll update if I find out anything else or make any changes.

Hopefully this helps someone. Cheers and happy cloud gaming!

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