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  • 31 December 2022
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Why my game preferences (World of warcraft) are reset every time I open the game, as if I was launching the game for the first time ?


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Best answer by Nic Mercy 12 January 2023, 05:32

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While I can’t say why such a thing is happening to you, I can at least let you know that, as another WoW player on Shadow, I have never experienced such an issue.

Assuming you are playing retail (as opposed to classic), WoW stores the specific files for Retail in the _retail_ folder found in the install directory. And inside the _retail_ folder is the WTF folder where all the settings for things like game graphics, macros for the account over all, and for specific characters, and addon settings.

You should take a look at these folders, make some changes in the game like making a new macro on a specific character, and then log out and close the client. Then open the WTF folder and find the specific character folder and open the macros-cache.txt file to see if the macro you made shows up there. If it does then your install is saving settings. If its not, then you might need to run the scan/repair feature on the launcher.