• 22 February 2021
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My question is, say someone bought a Shadow PC for one month. Their subscription ends in a month and they don't have shadow. Does that hardware get recycled to the next person? If not where does it go to? My second question is if they were hardware banned from a game like say Fortnite. They recently got hardware banned on Fortnite and that specific hardware cannot play the game anymore. If you give that Shadow Account to the next person, he wont be able to play the game. How does this all work?

2 replies

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IF you get HWID banned:smile: 
for cheating in a Game:grin:

Should you be playing said Game?:rofl:


No seriously though, HWID to me is a GTA V Key. 
No transfer unless you give the Full Account, which has been Flagged for Ban.

I do not work for Shadow, so, the way they maintain their HWdB is their trick.

However, I’d start over Fresh.

No, you cheated - let’s move on to possibly fixing Shadow.


It would be up to the Shadow Squad to “recycle” or Refresh said Raid Drives.
I would highly recommend  a New Game Account because that Ban may or may not follow the Offending Account thus HWID Ban on Refreshed Shadow Service.

How to Get Unbanned from Fortnite


I say the words you, they and we

I’m not pointing fingers cause Doom…. The Original has God Mode.

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