Shadow Boost running WOW, Any good?

  • 28 January 2021
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Good day, 


I'm set to have my Boost account activated for March 29th and wondering how well can I expect it to run World Of Warcraft?


I would like to run it on highest settings but know the game can be taxing on CPU as well as the GPU. Anyone out there know first hand how this bad boy will run, especially with the latest version/expansion of WOW having the graphical overhaul etc. 

3 replies

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it works fine for me even with a shit ton of add on


Thank you for your feedback 💪😎✌️🙏

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Yeah it works for me too but dont expect high FPS because WoW is very CPU hungry i got 50-130 on the lowest settings @ 1920*1080. When i use my monitor @ max resolution (3440x1440) i got only 30-60 on lowest settings. But it is playable u only have to fine tune it