Shadow client's best settings on apple silicon

  • 20 July 2022
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Hi there!

i’m using shadow from a week or so and i’ve setted my settings in this way

the result is great on my m1 macbook air, i have a gigabit fiber.

Anyway i’m still experiencing some video compression on my image, at a totally acceptable level but i’m wondering if maybe there’s some settings that can give a even more smoother experience.

2 replies

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Hi @dodecore 

Everything you have set is great. Some helpful tips to get more out of your machine is to disable location tracking on the mac as that can time to time cause issues with shadow. Furthermore if you are on wifi if you switch to ethernet you should get a even better experience. -Gelgoog


Hey mate,

thank you! Yeah I already use the Ethernet cable while I still have to try the location tracking method although I’ve never experienced issues with connection stability.

Do you leave on default the decoder option?