Shadow developers no longer supporting Quick Launcher

  • 23 February 2021
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After contacting Shadow support about problems loading games using the quick launcher on the Nvidia Shield , I was told the following…

“It's possible that the games might not be compatible with our quick launch feature. Also, our Developers decided that we will no longer support this feature”.

“The main reasons for this decision are:

Most of our Users were not actually using the feature

The complexity involved to automatically detect all the games installed

The lack of possibilities to personalize your experience.”


“I suggest creating desktop icons on your Shadow so you can launch them faster on desktop instead. At this time, you'll need to launch the games from your Windows PC on Shadow instead in order to play the games on your Shadow”.


As a Shield user, I think this sucks!


1 reply

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I recommend checking out this post for more insight that Ike has shared: