Shadow Tech for Distance Music Performance

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Sorry if the sub-forum could have been a better choice, wasn’t sure where to post this.

So I love Shadow, and am constantly amazed I can play, say, Doom Eternal and have no latency problems, even over my wifi here. It was something I thought could never be possible. Now in the lockdowns we’ve been trying to work out a way of playing live music collaboratively and the tech just doesn’t seem to be there. Jankazam is the closest but really is hard to use and hard to get to work. Whereas Shadow just works. I get that the process is a bit different, and music involves more users, etc. But the act of playing Doom and it being so responsive has convinced me it’s possible.

Wondered what people thought and if anyone had found anything. And maybe wheter Shadow might consider a new business angle for something like this. Probably not but you never know!

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