Star Citizen struggles a lot

  • 28 November 2020
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Edit: Please ignore this lol, I completely neglected the fact that the first 256gb is an SSD. That said, Star Citizen is really struggling in boost, hopefully Ultra will remedy this.







I’m sure of ya’ll know Star Citizen one way or another. It’s currently struggling a lot with shadow due to the lack of SSD option for Shadow. Even if it cost an extra $7, I wouldn’t mind paying it for a 250gb SSD option. Please shadow, do it!


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4 replies

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The biggest challenge I’ve had so far with SC is the hoops you need to jump through to get more advanced controls to work properly.  Things like TrackIR.

My SSD performance is horrid. I play star citizen almost exclusively, and after moving to “ultra” hardware this week, star citizen takes 15 minutes longer to load, if it ever loads at all. When I can get it to load, the performance makes it unplayable. This was fine on the original boost HW. 

I subscribe to shadow mostly for star citizen. If this cannot be improved, then i have no reason to continue subscribing. 


It isnt shadow -- back before 3.8 or so it was playable - now since 3.9 it is totally unplayable - i get 8-19 fps walking around stations and forget area18 etc… i dont even try anymore… i’ve switched to Elite dangerous because of this …. 

It just might get right down to it that we will have to purchase computers that will be able to play the games (modern). I do like what shadow has going but from what i understand being on the server region (Chicago) there is no date on when anything better than boost will be available. Star Citizen has ramped up graphics to accommodate the vast realistic experience with Space First Person Reality. In 3.13.1 Second update for the 3.13 Block, anything under 16 GB Ram is stuttering and laggy for rendering complexity.

Probably wont be real soon but I feel I need to set myself free.

Maybe the ultimate will be a good add to shadow, hope it comes sooner than later.