Star Wars Squadron VR on Oculus 2

  • 1 February 2022
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Hello. I’ve been playing games on SteamVR (like Half Life Alex) from your Oculus Shadow App without any problem, but I’m having some troubles with Star Wars Squadron. 

I start up the game and I’m stuck at the main menu, because the Oculus Quest 2 controllers doesn’t seem to work. Anyone can help with this? I tried playing with the controller options in SteamVR but without results. 

Is it possibile to play Squadrons VR using Shadow? Thank you very much. 


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6 replies

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Don't think you can play it through the Shadow VR app, you need virtual desktop to emulate a gamepad in the input settings of virtual desktop then you can press a button combination that starts the game in VR.


There are quite a few VR  games that don't work through the Shadow VR app yet, mainly games that don't have Oculus touch controller support.

Thank you very much for your reply. So basically if I use Virtual Desktop I will be able to play the game using the Oculus + mouse and keyboard?

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Not sure about mouse and keyboard, I play it with the Oculus quest 2 controllers acting as a gamepad by activating that mode in input settings through the virtual desktop settings screen. Plays nicely too.


this game does not work with the oculus quest controllers, you need the mouse and keyboard. (or gamepad)

Connect your oculus and pc with virtual desktop.


I use a Truckmaster flight sick which also works.



@Tanner99 - hey I’m also trying to play Star Wars Squadrons via steamVR/Oculus Quest 2 and I’m not able to connect to my shadow pc through virtual desktop. I’ve tweaked all the settings in my router I can think of to no avail. The shadow pc initially displays in VD, then says “unable to reach”, then disappears completely. 

What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Are you on the Paris servers? Are you on a double NAT connection? Join the virtual desktop discord and they have a shadow section where you can check the pins for help or ask a question directly for help.