There should be an option to extend or remove the automatic shutdown for inactivity.

  • 3 November 2020
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There are many other people who play with a VR connected to shadow, but no one just plays for just 30 minutes before closing, and that auto shutdown forces us to either restart or just quit playing for the moment. It would be 5 stars every time I close out of shadow if it didn't force me out every time I try to play a VR game. Please consider this change, and at least make it so we can extend the timer by an hour or so

5 replies

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Automatic extinction for inactivity will not be removed.
But, VR inputs for Virtual Desktop (of the Shadow VR app) will soon be detected, and then prevent inactivity.

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I’m currently trying this:  Redacted 


Ill let you know if it works

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I’m currently trying this: Redacted

Ill let you know if it works


@DubbQ this tool breaks Shadow’s Terms of Service. Please do not use this. 

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@LucFromShadow Thanks for letting me know. Could you please explain how it breaks the tos?

Is there any other workaround? I’m really having a hard time playing my VR games and the Shadow Alpha has to many issues to run at the moment

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I found the tos thing. Please update me on a workaround/solution for VR closedown