tips for optimizing Quadro p5000 for gaming?

  • 21 November 2020
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So I’ve been playing for 6 months now but can’t help thinking it can do more in certain games being the equivalent of a 1080 

do you guys have any tips for better optimization? An app or something? 

1 reply

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Turn vsync off.

Run at the native resolution of your monitor.

Run at the native hz of your monitor.

Turn all the settings to max, and check FPS.

If FPS is too low, perform the following steps one by one until your FPS is high enough:

  • Turn off RTX if you’re on boost, or turn it down if you’re on ultra.
  • If you have set resolution above 100%, turn it down a notch.
  • For the following settings, adjust them down a notch until they’re at the lowest you’ll accept for quality, then move to the next setting.
    • Anti alias
    • View distance
    • LOD
    • Any other setting.

Many games often come with their own optimizer or default settings in order to get a high-fps low-quality result.

As always, the balance between FPS and quality is up to you.