Ultra activations?

  • 8 January 2021
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When will activations for shadow ultra begin in Paris datacentres? Many of us have been waiting for over a year now and have been left in the dark of when we would be activated. We were told beginning of 2021 however we are now 8 days in with zero news. 

Please keep in mind its now the third or fourth time we have been told an activation date in which you could never meet and its beginning to become a bit of a joke.

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4 replies

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No answer is also an answer…. I already regret having taken out a 12-month subscription.

I’ve ordered an Ultra on november 1st, 2019 :rolling_eyes: , still no news… It seems that Ultra is no longer on the agenda.

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Ultra is still being worked on. There were some complications they are working to fix. I don't have a eta of when it will be released but keep an eye on the announcements. They haven't forgotten about it. 


I also ordered on the 1st November 2019 and have been a loyal (and paying) shadow user since September 2018. I understand tech delays but I don’t understand poor communication and lack of info.