Valorant on PC Shadow

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Hello there,


As many of you know, Vanguard, the new Riot anti-cheat system, denied Shadow players' access to Valorant.


Discussions between Blade and Riot are in progress, but final decision is up to Riot.


To show to Riot how we are determinate and impatient to play Valorant, we have launched the #FreeValorantShadow and a petition with about 50 signatures at the moment.


If you want to play Valorant, feel free to share your wishes on twitter with #FreeValorantShadow


Edit : petition link - - >

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You should link the petition as well!

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I was not sure that's allowed on the forum but if you confirm it is, I will

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I was not sure that's allowed on the forum but if you confirm it is, I will

Hi @JihemH, we’ll allow it :smiley:


Ah good, yes I remember vaguely watching some video about how Valorant cannot be installed on a virtual machine. I know I definitely tried myself when I got my key to no avail. Hopefully this can be worked out without loss of (cheat) integrity.

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We will reach 300 signatures soon, we hope that Riot will finally make a positive decision

Facts im just tryna run some valorant with the boys without crashing every 5 mins

we want to play valorant in shadow

It’s my first time using Shadow, firstly I wasn’t able to play Halo Infinite and now I’ve learnt I can’t play Valorant?! 😣😣

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Hey @Conz 
Halo Infinite has been fixed in multiple datacenters already as of today. Feel free to try it. If it doesn’t work right now you might have to wait another few days until every datacenter has the fix, but it is being worked on. So far very positive feedback overall.

any updates on this ?

this is the link for the newcomers 

Still doesnt work, Shadow crashes when trying to launch Valorant.

Still doesn't work. Same as @Kamikaze. Any progress from Shadow?