Very laggy gameplay with VR chat

I just recently got Shadow and wanted to try out some VR.  I have 1gb internet, downloaded virtual desktop and downloaded VRchat to test it out.  Virtual desktop is smooth as butter for steam VR when I'm in the home environment.  I loaded up VRchat and entered a world with 30+ people to test it out.  It's very laggy, low fps, stutters, and makes me sick.  I've tried playing around with some settings but I don't know what I'm missing.  

Shadow bandwidth is set to 5 mbps

Fps on VD is set to 90 and bandwidth is set to 20 mbps

Resolution on Steam VR is set to default. 

What am I missing to make this run smooth?  I eventually want to buy HL: Alyx but I need to know everything runs smoother first. 

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