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  • 15 February 2021
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Hi. I’m new this weekend to shadow. I’ve got it for vr mainly. I’ve got a oculus quest. So I’ve put virtual desktop on my quest. I’ve put it on my Mac which I can connect to and see my desktop. Do I have to put vd on the shadow? I have already but can’t connect. I’ve also added steam and steam vr to my shadow. Which says please plug in your headset. I’ve tried plugging in but have nothing. Could anyone please give me a hand with what’s what please?



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2 replies

Check out this YouTube video if you are still having trouble using Virtual Desktop!   There should be instructions on how to use it with Shadow.


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I happen to use Virtual Desktop to connect wirelessly to Shadow to my Oculus Quest 2. I play iRacing so I connect a racing wheel locally to my pc and connect via USB to shadow. I have around 450 Mbps of connection. I connect to Shadow using the Ethernet