VR game compatibility

  • 5 December 2020
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Hello, (sorry fot my english i’m french)

I’m playing VR PC games via Shadow+ virtual desktop+ oculus quest 1. Some games works fine  (half life alyx, no man sky, jet island) but with other games (rush, subnautica...) the oculus quest controller dont seems to be recognise at all or fully recognise . that prevent playing those games.

Did someone have way to solve this problem or a liste of games compatible on PC with quest /shadow and virtual desktop?


Thanks to the shadower!

2 replies

I still haven’t gotten access to shadow but I signed up specifically so I could play half life alyx on my oculus quest 2 and macbook. Glad to hear a similar configuration for that works for you. I don’t mean to hijack your thread but could you point me towards how to get that set up?

I just saw this video that outlines what you are trying to do roboyr80. I think your issue may be with the controller. I noticed that he used a bluetooth controller connected to his Quest.