VR Issues (occulus quest)

  • 14 December 2021
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Hello all,

I am attempting to play boneworks and want to play other high performance PC games on my occulus quest. I am currently running virtual desktop through my laptop using shadow but having issues with lag and graphics are poor. Does anyone have any suggestions how to improve this. I would like to eventually play online with friends.


Many thanks.

1 reply


It should be due to your settings with virtual desktop. On the initial PC application, it is adviced to untick “adjust bitrate automatically”. Shadow is a virtual PC that will directly stream the VR images to your oculus device. I am using shadow boos, vitual desktop on my oculus quest 2 and it works really well. However, I own a recent internet box with high speed internet access.

The VR bandwith allocated by Virtual Desktop can be adjust in the Virtual Desktop application on your occulus. 

When you are using Virtual desktop application in your occulus 2, you can see your PC screen virtually appearing. It allow you to access to the settings menu then go to streaming menu. Here on the bottom left, you will see a button which allows you to adjust the  bandwith allocated to the VR streaming.

I usually select a value around 55 or 60 and the streaming quality is good and the latency is low. If you select a higher value image quality maybe better (difference not really visible) but a lot of lag is appearing. You can see it when moving the head with the black borders when moving your head. If you use a low value, then the latency is low but VR stream quality is lowered too.