VR / Quest 2 low framerate / lag

Hi, I use a quest 2 with airlink on my shadow ghost (boost) connected by ethernet with optic fiber, I play in front of the router.

Any games I tried (Alyx, boneworks, lone echo, etc) have low frame rates and are not smooth, almost unplayable. Games are setup to lowest settings. I also tried different resolution on steam but can’t get proper results.

I’m about to give up on shadow. Do I just need to wait for ultra of infinite or i do something wrong?

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Thank you,I will try

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Hi @Actuel 

You will need to install shadows alpha app for the quest. Here is a helpfull requirements page: 



Hi, may I know which instructions are you talking about? I followed many tips from this forum but it just doesn’t work smoothly. What is wrong in « the way I have it configured »?

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Please look into the instructions for how to set up vr on this forum. At the momment the way you have it configured will give you issues. -Gelgoog