Warhammer 3 Total war Loading Issue

  • 19 May 2023
  • 1 reply

After installing the game from Steam everything is alright. But after a certain period of time,  about several hours, the game starts to load a very long time. Only after reinstalling the game did the issue disappear. I check Task Manager, and sometimes when this issue occurs, when the game is loading I see a High pick of network loading. The problem is even worse because downloading games from Steam is super slow. This problem makes Total war warhammer 3 unplayable on Shadow(

1 reply

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Sorry to hear that Warhammer 3 takes a while to load properly. Have you ensured that your graphics driver on shuttle is up to date? You can also try reinstalling the latest graphic drivers to see if that helps. If the issue continues to persist, please contact our support team from your account page so that they can look into this further.