Is anyone playing war zone on shadow boost? Does it run ok? I’ve not much experience on PC first person shooters


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Could you send me a link to the game? I can take a look at the system requirements to give you a good estimate of how it’d run


It runs really well. I haven’t had any issues when playing war zone or other shooters

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@Hellokittenchan  would you mind sharing your graphical settings and average FPS ? It's really not great for me and I'm trying to replicate a working config


Here is an example of the options for the warzone :

It runs really well! I had a mouse issue initially (when in game the camera would spin wildly no matter the settings I changed). It was an easy fix though! Just lock the cursor to the shadow window and it should work perfectly!

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The game itself runs really well on Shadow Boost you just need to make sure your own WiFi connection are stable enough so it does not lag. I played mine Warzone on Ultra graphic with the Boost and it runs with no problems. 

You should be all good for Warzone I’ve seen a few vids of people Playing It on Boost. 

If your coming from a Controller you can use that aswell .. most games you get matched in will be console lobb

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Confirmed, it runs very well, I have it set to 60fps and limit the resolution to the same as Shadow Boost supports and it runs great. IceManIsaac has a good YouTube video on settings he uses for max performance, which I just cribbed. 
The only thing I’m not convinced about is any further delay between the shadow and your client, I’ve another thread on this forum about it, but from the replies there it’s maybe lag between my eyes, brain and hands that’s more the issue 🤪