warzone/modern warfare.

  • 17 May 2022
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Hi good people, I was wondering if it is my laptop not being right to okay, stream warzone/modern warfare as all my other games okay fine but warzone always seems like it's input lag is a bit high.

I have a laptop with celeron n2940 and 4gb of ram.

Not ideal I know. But would it be my laptop.

Also I have 120gbps down and 12gbps up wire connection.

Shadow says warzone is around 30-36ms lag.

Also any advice on a setup that would run it better and not break the bank would be appreciated.

I will state I did have a £2000 gaming pc setup which I stupidly sold so an expensive setup is out if the question.


1 reply

Hello Jasondonavich ! The input lag is spread over all the games you play , it is more visible in Warzone/ Modern Warfare because of the game itself being so fast paced.