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  • 17 February 2021
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Hi everyone ! 


First of i’d like to say that im french and we all know how much frenchies like to complain. However, when it comes to shadow there are just only positive things that I could say about it and I am bragging all over the place about how awesome this technology is ! So well done to the Shadow team!


So that been said. I am looking for some help about a step in the shadow vr Alpha set up procedure. 

On this post : 

I cannot manage to remove the password from my windows on my shadow. I do not even know where to find the loggins in order to change my password. It is said on the step 6 that you have to deactivate the password windows loggin. 


If anyone knows how to do this it would be really helpful ! 


Thank you guys :) 


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Hey Winark,

This really should be the only resource you need to deactivate your password to access windows:
Let me know if it does it for you!