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  • 26 February 2021
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I tested ShadowPC some time ago with Virtual Desktop, but unfortunately the lag was too much for me at this time.

Today I saw that there is ShadowVR in alpha available. I now have upgraded to a Quest 2 and a new 5Ghz Router. Unfortunately my account tells me that I can only reactivate in December 21.

Is there any way so that I can test ShadowVR earlier?

Of course I’m not searching for a free ride - I’m willing to pay. I really like the idea of the cloud PC, but I don’t think I will wait this long and buy a new PC at home before …

Thanks for any help.



Best answer by Brittaney from Shadow 26 February 2021, 19:23

No sorry, everyone goes through the same activation queue at this time.

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No sorry, everyone goes through the same activation queue at this time.

Hello Brittaney, 

Thanks for the quick response, the fair queueing for an account is totally reasonable.

Just an idea / feature request for ShadowPC fans and maybe future customers:

It would be great if there would be a limited test account which you could use for e.g. 1 hour for testing Shadow VR alpha - maybe with some fixed preinstalled demo software to avoid messing up the test account by testers. I would be happy to fill out a survey and help development with feedback.

Waiting/ordering something for nearly 1 year in the future which might not work for yourself / your setup (even if the service is provided perfectly) - might be too long for many potential customers so they will the already be using an alternative.

Best regards


No sorry, everyone goes through the same activation queue at this time.

Hi Brittaney, why people have to wait like a year for activation i pre ordered and i am from the uk and i didnt know this that the time but when i looked after  i pre ordered i have to wait like 9 months if you guys make people wait that along why make people pay for a pre order if activation would take like a year to activate im not hating or noting just asking.

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why make people pay for a pre order

Because hardware isn’t free. This isn’t just a software account, you’re getting your own dedicated hardware.

By putting money down, you reserve your place in line. The money covers your first month, with no additional setup fees. In addition, the timer on your first month doesn’t start until you’re activated, and you’re not billed for a 2nd month until the first month is up.