Oculus Quest 2 "Starting VR Stream" Defaults to 2D Desktop Stream

  • 7 April 2021
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On my Oculus Quest 2 I’m unable to start my VR stream. Was working just fine a few days ago. It starts off by saying “Starting VR Stream”, but for whatever reason it then goes to “Starting Desktop Stream”. And boots into the 2D desktop version were your device will not be detected. I’ve seen my shadow update and install the required environment drivers. I’ve also tried reinstalling the Shadow VR Alpha. I’m certain at this point there’s an issue on the backend of Shadow with their environment drivers. Other solutions I’ve read  from support/staff suggest resetting the entire machine. But I believe this is due to the fact the environment drivers are buggy and developers can’t pin point the issue. I wouldn’t want to lose my ~1TB of data I have on my Shadow Client. Purchasing a third party app such as virtual desktop is a flawed solution. I want to use the native app that Shadow has created. This is very frustrated as a end user. No customer wants to spend hours on end troubleshooting. I’ve spent more time now troubleshooting than actually playing the game. I want to enjoy the game I purchase and be able to use them. 

1 reply

I got the same exact issue since yesterday. I had stopped playing for a week or two. I am not frustrated since this is still an alpha product. You can purchase virtual desktop if you want to but again this is an alpha app.