Shadow VR Sidequest - vision issue.

  • 2 September 2021
  • 5 replies

Hi everyone,

I use a Quest 2 and Shadow VR Sidequest.

The app works very fine, all is good but I have a vision issue : What I see is like in a fisheye. It's like the world was only around my head.

Thanks for your advices.

5 replies

Update with Sidequest. There was an update within the last 72 hours or so. My problems are fixed. The latest changelog listed on this forum is 3.7.2. 3.7.3 is available in Sidequest. Again, my problems are fixed.

Is there anyone actually trying to fix this? It seems this has been an issue for almost a year now. I’d use Virtual Desktop but the latency keeps crashing steamvr. Shadow VR seems to be the best way to play VR games but the double vision is literally the only bug that is preventing this from actually working properly (for quest 2 users). 

I found in another post they say its been fixed but running the latest version on side quest for my oculus 2, the problem is still there and it hurts the eyes after a while. 

Hope its fixed soon …. 

I have the same problem, could not seem to find a fix


I also have the exact same problem. Also using a quest 2. It also causes eye strain and headache after a few minutes.